OTM Live!
​​​Join the Full Contact Fun Addicts every Monday night at 8pm PST. 
Debate and discussion from the world of mixed martial arts covering the UFC, Bellator and many more with interviews with the top fighters and promoters from around the world with hosts Favi, Dondo and Mig86'D.

Monday Night @8pm PST
Gym Crashers
Coming to a Dojo, Training Center, Academy or Gym near you!
A show where we come out and train with top fighters in their home environment. We focus on what makes them different and highlight their team while discussing their fighting roots.  Featuring in depth interviews  with  coaches, fighters and their teams as they teach, learn and develop their fight game!
Meet The Team
Favi Chulo
The Host of OTM Live! With a long history as a commentator in MMA from his beginnings with the Tap Out Locos, Sinster Radio and OTM radio show. A true pioneer of MMA podcasting and broadcasting. Also doing double duty as a King of the Cage anouncer, Favi is a well respected by fighters, promoters, and fight fans alike.
Host of OTM Live!
"We're here we're Live With The Full Contact Fun Addicts!"
Dondo the JiuJiteiro
A true fan of the fight game from the streets to the cage and everything in between. Dondo brings a unique perpesctive and knowledge base in both MMA and Jiu Jitsu that enables the Gym Crashers to capture the best of each camp the team visits. Boldy going into deep discussions with fighters and coaches to give the fans an inside view of the various training styles that are offered at each gym. A brown belt under veteran King of the Cage Fighter, John De La O at De La O Jiu Jitsu. Always ready to roll, Dondo and his crew are focused on learning and having fun sharing Jiu Jitsu styles and concepts.
Host of Gym Crashers
"Bring the Banner I got this!"
The team enforcer and King of the Cage fighter Mig86'D brings his own brand of fighting to the forefront while training with his counterparts from other gyms. The other half of the Gym Crasher team is an uncensored and brash personality that embraces a fierce honesty from a young fighter that grew up on the mean streets of L.A..  A brown belt at De La O Jiu Jitsu under John De La O, Mig86'D backs up his team with a quick wit and intelligent sarcasm that is completely his own.  
Co-Host OTM Live and Gym Crashers